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Muse List

Not gunna lie, it's because I seriously needed to compile one. 8\a

Games I've been in:
higure_rp, verfolgt, betrayedbyrpg, shiratekka, deadculture, elegycity, project_purity, errocity, the_devils_see, ilpromenade, the_rotting_rpg, hellpointe, pradeda, damned, sirenspull

Currently taking a break from role playing~


NAME; Feng Lan
CANON; ½ Prince
JOURNAL; totesnotprince
Alt account for Prince.

NAME; Prince
CANON; ½ Prince
JOURNAL; justprince
Played in Betrayed! and Pradeda games.

NAME; Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga
CANON; Azumanga Daioh
JOURNAL; lord_yawn
Only played in Museboxes so far~

NAME; Lelouch Lamperouge (vi Britannia)
CANON; Code Geass
JOURNAL; apotheosis_0
Played in Verfolgt, and then Errocity.

NAME; Donna Noble
CANON; Doctor Who
JOURNAL; chiswick_noble
Only played in museboxes and memes so far~

NAME; Idris (aka TARDIS)
CANON; Doctor Who
JOURNAL; stoletimelord
Played in Pradeda.

NAME; Dr. River Song
CANON; Doctor Who
JOURNAL; ariversong
Played in Project Purity.

NAME; Hope Estheim
CANON; Final Fantasy XIII
JOURNAL; escapedpandora
Hellpointe, Sirens Pull, Damned... a lot more.

NAME; Nora Estheim
CANON; Final Fantasy XIII
JOURNAL; momsrtough
Played in The Rotting.

NAME; Hope Estheim
CANON; Final Fantasy XIII-2
JOURNAL; memento_ofhope
Gosh, I'll find a place for him when the games comes out. This journal is pre-emptive (because I love Hope so much).

NAME; Calum McLeod
CANON; Island (2011)
JOURNAL; cugainn
Testing, testing; 1, 2, 3~

NAME; Earl Ciel Phantomhive
CANON; Kuroshitsuji
JOURNAL; teatimenow
Played in Betrayed! game.

NAME; Parker
CANON; Leverage
JOURNAL; razorinurapple
Missedthepointe, for those who missed Hellpointe~

NAME; Sir Gwaine
CANON; Merlin (BBC)
JOURNAL; gwalltavwyn

NAME; Gabriel Goodman
CANON; Next to Normal
JOURNAL; solesurprise
Oh, god, in need of canon review. AND, it's impossible to play him without his cast.

CANON; Portal
JOURNAL; cake4you
Musebox and meme troll character. :P

NAME; Charlotte la Bouff
CANON; Princess and the Frog
JOURNAL; lottielabouff
Only ever meme'd her, whoops.

NAME; Farley Gordon
CANON; SCORE! A Hockey Musical
JOURNAL; hockeypacifism
Only dear_mun so far.

NAME; Dr. Daniel Jackson
CANON; Stargate SG-1
JOURNAL; artifactnotrock
Musebox, thinking Hellpointe.

NAME; Anna
CANON; V (2009)
JOURNAL; ofpeace_always
Played at Hellpointe.

Fandom AU / Original

NAME; Fabiola Fornari
CANON; Assassin's Creed
JOURNAL; appartenga
Played in Elegy.

NAME; Luluko vi Britannia
CANON; Code Geass
JOURNAL; geass_fatale
Played in Higure.

NAME; Cally P. Soh
CANON; Original
JOURNAL; dollysaint
Nothing yet~ Original musebox character?

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